2019 AAU Activities

Chesapeake Athletic Association


                              The National College Preps

            To register for this event you must first obtain an AAU Membership for your child by  logging in to the AAU website.  See info below……

  • First log into  www.aausports.org.
  • Purchase an AAU Membership for your football player – $16.00 (Extended AB)
  • Next, connect your membership to a Club
  • Club Name – Central Chesapeake Athletic Program, AKA (CCAP) 
  • Club Code – WY937W 
  • If you are serving in a capacity other than a player/cheerleader, you must select the non-athlete membership for $18.00.
  • Once you have registered, please send us an email stating you have completed the AAU registration for your child to stuk.geral@verizon.net.

All done???   Great you have successfully registered with AAU.

Now, please take a moment to register your child for the CAA and NCP one day Skills Camp.

The CAA has partnered with the National College Preps organization to conduct a Skills Camp in our area.  In an effort to give our 757 youth an opportunity for national recognition, NCP will join us here to help teach and evaluate your child’s football skills and give them the opportunity to be followed all through their youth years by NCP.  All are welcome to attend.  We will have Camp Tee Shirts for each participant, concessions, and concentrated skills training for our youth.  Please join us for this joint effort.  We here at CAA are excited for this opportunity and hope to have you and your child join us for this event .  The Camp date is 4/13/19 from 10:00am – 2:00pm.  Please arrive 30 mins. prior to start time.

You must pre-register your child for this camp.

Click on the link below to register for the 4/13/19 CAA and NCP Skills Camp


                        Our Camp Location is at  the Hugo Owens Middle School Field,

                                                              1997 Horseback Run

                                                            Chesapeake, VA  23323

Attn:  To register online for our 2019 Football and Cheer Programs please go to  http://tshq.bluesombrero.com/caapw.

Click on the registration tab and complete the process.  After completing the application process, you will be able to print out the application and bring it to us at the field on the first practice day.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at 757 485-1624.