2019 Cheerleader Registration Information


Our home field is at the Hugo Owens Middle School Field

1997 Horseback Run

Chesapeake, VA  23323


click here to download registration forms 

2019 Cheer Registration Fees


and process a multitude of paperwork, new participants, along with other behind the scene items which will need addressing up front. We ask that you bring your lawn chair, sit back, relax, and you will soon see things fall in to place.
Per Pop Warner rules, every participant will have to complete 20 hours of conditioning practice prior to participating in full-on tackling practice. That being said, the Coaches will let you know what days and when your child(ren) will be practicing.
There will be a sign-in sheet and a conditioning log sheet on the admin table at every practice, please sign in each day and log all conditioning practices on the log sheet, this is how we track your child’s conditioning hours. Once your child has completed his/her twenty hours of conditioning you will no longer have to sign in or log in the above information.
Some of you have expressed an interest in volunteering to assist us. We are always in need of help from dedicated people to help with our program. If you are one of those individuals, please go to our website and from the menu select the “Other” tab, then select the “Forms” tab, print the Volunteer Application. Complete the volunteer application, turn it in to me with a copy of your driver’s license (for a background check). We will surely find a place for you to assist us.
Please do not bring your child(ren) to the field and drop them off. We need you to hang around during practices in the event something should happen with your child(ren) and they should need medical care, also when practice is over, we would like to leave the field and we cannot do that if we are waiting on you to pick up your child(ren). If you absolutely have to leave for a short period of time, please let your coach and a member of our crew know before you leave the field. If your child is going to miss practice for any reason, please let us know that as well. You may call, email, or text us any time you like.
As you may already know, our parents are asked to participate in two fundraisers with the organization. Please do your best to assist us with our fundraising endeavors, however, if you choose not to do so you do have the option of a $200.00 buy-out for each fundraiser.
If at any time you have any questions, concerns, etc., please don’t hesitate to let us know. You will see us around in our purple shirts, most of the time.
Lastly, I will ask that you please reply you received this message. Sometimes I can’t make out the information written on the registration forms, your reply will let me know I have your information correct.
I know this is a lot of info, however, there is more to come (smile).
Thank you again for joining our Wolverines Family.


Welcome to the 2019 Wolverines football and cheer season.


PARENTS, If you have a 5-15 year old and would like to keep her active for the fall season, please register her for the Wolverines Pop Warner competitive Cheer Program.


To register on-line for our 2019 Cheer Programs please go to;


Click on the registration tab.  After completing the application process, you will be able to print out the application and bring or mail them to us.

  Please bring all required paperwork with you.  You will need the following items to complete your registration process:

1.  A completed Pop Warner Player Contract

           2.  A completed Pop Warner Medial form dated

                 between Jan.1, 2019 – Present day

           3.  A completed CAA Application Page

           4.  2 Copies of your Child’s 2019 June Report


           6.  Your Child’s original Birth Certificate for

                 verification, and a copy for our records

           7.  A copy of a utility bill with your name and

                address on it as proof of residency

FYI Note:  if you are needing to get the Pop Warner Medical form completed and you don’t have an appointment scheduled before August 1, 2019, you may take your Child to Patient first anytime as a walk-in to have it done.  (Please check to see if your insurance will cover it or you may end up having to  pay for it out of pocket).

Another option is the CVS Minute Clinic at selected CVS stores in the area.  Go online to CVS.com, click on the Minute Clinic tab for participating Minute Clinic Locations, times, and costs.

You may also register now via mail by printing the forms from our Forms section, completing them, then mail or bring them to the address shown at the bottom of the CAA cover page form, along with payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions,

757 485-1624.

        In the event of post season competition activities,  Regional Travel Monies are Due nlt Oct 15 (if applicable)

  • Cost: $300.00
  • Includes hotel, transportation, regional fees, and meals
  • Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parent to pay all necessary fees, please do not rely on fundraising to offset costs.

For more information please feel free to contact Geral Stukes, 485-1624.

Training Division (Tiny Mite/Mitey Mite)

Competitive Division (JPW, PW, JM, M, Unlimited) 

The mission of the Chesapeake Wolverines Cheerleading Program is to heighten team spirit and to provide inspiration, enthusiasm, and support for the football teams through performances, cheers and other types of expressions. Cheerleading emphasizes aerobic exercise, teamwork, physical ability and leadership skills.